Free to a good home? NO!

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Free to a good home? No!


(Article credit to: Safe Haven Humane Society of Ionia, MI)


Many difficult life events can arise that force you to give up your beloved pet. Whether it’s financial hardship, death of a pet caregiver, moving to assisted living or nursing home facilities, they’re all extremely difficult situations when there’s no one to continue to care for the pet.


            If you or anyone you know is giving up a pet, please remember and remind others of these Do’s and Don’ts:


*      DO: Start the process the minute you discover it’s necessary. Contact Safe Haven by email and send a photo. Even though we can’t take the pet, we can do a Courtesy Post on to give the pet more exposure.

*      DO: Check with your vet or other vets in the area to see if they can help. If one of their clients has recently lost a pet, the veterinary staff may know if that client would consider another pet.

*      DO: Plan on listing a re-homing fee. Anyone who legitimately wants a pet to love will not mind paying a fee, especially for pets that are fixed, have had medical care, etc.

*      DO: Plan on checking out the prospective owner’s vet references and visit the home to meet the other family members and current pets if any.

*      DON’T: List a pet on Craigslist or anywhere else for free. Unscrupulous people who collect “free” pets maybe providing them as bait for dog-fighting rings, to research facilities for testing and experimentation, or hopefully less commonly, but just as real, satisfying their own twisted needs such as in the much-publicized story of Jeffrey Nally Jr, who tortured and killed 29 dos that he obtained from Craigslist and other “Free to a good home” ads.


(Article credit to: Safe Haven Humane Society of Ionia, MI)